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Aside from our core mandate to provide the less privileged GirlChild with the best of Educational needs, we have also had a tremendous impact on the general livelihood of women in farming and other artisanship.


Most women in Togo who happens to be in farming, had the privilege to receive fertilizers from our outfit; to enable them yield a bumper harvest from their farming endeavours.

Most of these women could barely meet the general requirements of livelihood i.e, family demands, farming materials and other inputs needed to make steady progress in farming.


As a budding Nonprofit organization, we thought it wise to go to the aid of this women in Togo. As a matter of sincerity, we supplied them with Agro products, with a specification on fertilizers since most of these women are into vegetables cultivation, which includes cabbages, carrots, lettuce, cucumber and the likes.


As part of our social impact, we proceeded to touching the lives of other women in artisanship and entrepreneurship.


Our outfit have provided several sowing machines to women in Togo, with the quest to venture into fashion and designing but do not have the requisite equipment to set them into motion.

Today, most of these women have graduated from apprenticeship and are all doing well with the dress making career. We also at one point in time, had to provide for their cost of apprenticeship, to enable quite a sizeable number of females, the opportunity to make a living out of their respective fashion career.

Yes, as an Nonprofit organization we are always ready to support the GirlChild, regardless of their dreams and aspirations; in light of this, we have assisted many women from the grassroots, to enable them raise their living standards by giving them  head-start in relative to finance and supply of materials.



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